Design for poor internet connection

Your users may have limited or no internet connection. Determine what aspects of your product or service may need to be accessed when connection is not available. Design your digital service to work well on poor connections and to minimise the data used.

Further description

Make information available offline

Enable users to download key information to their device from your website or by using an app.

Provide offline support

Where possible, provide alternative channels like a phone line.

Minimise data usage

Be aware that images and videos will use up a lot more data than text, and your users may not have access to wifi. 

Optimise for poor connectivity

Make sure caching is set up correctly on your website. This means a copy of part of the webpage will be stored in the users’ browser, so that when they return to the website it will load much faster. 

Simple is usually best

Using well structured text and headings in HTML is often better than more complex technical frameworks for a website. This approach is generally more accessible, uses less data, and is better supported by older devices and browsers.


Share your patterns

We’re constantly on the look out for new patterns. If you have a service/product which you think could be used as a new pattern, we’d love to hear about it.