Tell people how you will use their information

Reassure users by making it clear how the information that they provide will be used. Explain confidentiality up front and reiterate this throughout the service.

Further description

Offer reminders about confidentiality throughout the journey 

Explain at the beginning of the service, as information is collected and when it is submitted, who it will be shared with and how it will be used.

Be clear about the limits of confidentiality

Explain the conditions where you will need to break confidentiality.

Be specific about what information is being used for

Provide information at the point of interaction and in a privacy statement and cookie notice. Make it clear how feedback will be used.

Explain how people can access the information held about them

Clearly show users how their communication will appear 

If posting in a public forum, make it clear whether a user’s name or image will appear alongside the post.

Give options to retract consent and delete messages

Giving the option to retract consent and delete messages gives young people the ability to change their mind, and is especially important in spaces like forums.


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