Be specific about what information the service will collect


Samaritans explain on all their service pages that the service is confidential unless their safeguarding policy requires them to tell someone else.

They give an example of when this might happen and link to more information.

They explain specifically what information volunteers will be able to see if you contact them by phone, email, in person, or by letter.

Key guidance

Provide examples of what kind of information the service will collect so that it's easier to understand.

Be specific about what exactly will be collected and passed on.

Use clear language without euphemisms or acronyms to avoid any confusion.

Provide information in context, not just hidden in a privacy policy.

Tell users about confidentiality at the start so they can make an informed choice about whether they want to use your service.


  • Lengthy terms and conditions can be confusing and off putting, so test with users to make sure they understand how information will be used but that this information does not get in the way.

Where can I find this?

Samaritans contact page


Simon Stewart