Clearly explain to users what confidentiality is


Anna Freud’s website has a page dedicated to privacy with a video of an interview of one of their therapists. The therapist answers different questions about confidentiality ranging from ‘What is confidentiality?’ to ‘Will my therapist tell my parents what we talk about in our sessions?’

The therapist uses in context examples to make her answers easy to understand.

The therapist explains specifically what in which contexts confidentiality can be broken and why.

Key guidance

Use clear, accessible language that is easy to understand.

Be specific by providing information in context and using examples.

Be reassuring but accurate about what will be shared.


  • Using an interview film can make the video long depending on the number of questions and that might be off putting for users. Adding shortcuts to the questions within the video will help users get straight to the questions they are most interested in.

Where can I find this?

Anna Freud website confidentiality