Give control over what is displayed


YoungMinds campaign, research and influence policy and practice to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. 

They designed an app that allows young people to help shape and influence YoungMinds’ mental health content.

When using the app, young people have control over their anonymity. By toggling a switch, they can change whether their name is displayed as a contributor. 

Having control over when and how they can be seen helps young people feel a greater sense of safety and empowerment.

Key guidance

Consider the levels of anonymity needed and find out how your users feel about anonymity.

Have systems in place to avoid misuse, such as community moderation.


  • You need to understand digital safeguarding, especially around the use of social media. Be aware that young people could be identified if they have the same username across platforms.

  • To create a safe environment, mitigate the risks of abuse that anonymity may provide. Make community guidelines clear and readable in the app. Use real people to monitor content. 

Where can I find this?

Link to Young Minds app tester webpage


Jade Williams