Making information available offline


The Student Health App from Expert Self Care was created for university students through a co-production effort between students, practising NHS doctors, clinicians and healthcare professionals.

The app provides easy access to information and advice on more than 125 topics relevant to students in areas ranging from first aid and mental health, to staying safe at university and accessing local health services.

The app has been designed so that this information is available offline, when a device is not connected to the internet. This means students can find the help and guidance they need, whenever and wherever they want. 

The app can also be customised by a university where they can add branding and signposts to local support services.

Key guidance

Promote The Student Health App and encourage young people to download it so that the information is available when they need it.

If you’re thinking of making your information offline, make sure it is clinically accurate and considers accessibility needs.

Try to co-produce offline content with young people so that it fits their needs.


  • Providing information on an app means students without access to an android mobile cannot use it.

  • Although all the information and content within the app is accessible offline, the ‘live’ hyperlinks to external support services and organisations within the signposting section will not work when the app is used without internet access. This means that any students wishing to access these external online support services, such as The Samaritans online live web chat service, will not be able to.

Where can I find this?

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