Provide guidance on how to remain anonymous


Kooth have a page dedicated to helping users navigate the chat and communication providing guidance on how to remain anonymous.

Key guidance

Explain what is meant by anonymous and what information your team will have (e.g. if a transcript of conversation is kept and passed on to other team members).

Share guidelines on topics that can and can’t be discussed.

Provide recommendations on things to avoid which could give away a user’s identity - such as the background of a photo, a user name too close to their real name or information available on documents being shared or chat conversations. 

Remind users of the key guidance points throughout the journey (e.g. before posting a message in the chat, when signing up, before choosing a profile image, etc.)


  • Anonymity should be combined with moderation staffed by real people to avoid abuse and safeguard users.

Where can I find this?

Kooth website