Signposting how to get in touch when in crisis


The YoungMinds homepage is designed to help young people who are looking for urgent help.

Given the nature of the organisation, we can assume users might be in a crisis situation when going on the website.

YoungMinds responds to that aspect of urgency by clearly showing how to get in touch immediately when landing on the homepage.

Key guidance

Clearly signpost ways to get in touch with a banner on the homepage leading to a dedicated page with more information.

Write a concise description clearly laying out the main information, such as; when the service is available, though which channel and by whom you can get support. 

Include at least one option free of charge - text for instance.


  • The dedicated page might give too many contact options which could overwhelm young people looking for help in a crisis. Make sure to be clear and concise.

Where can I find this?

Crisis urgent support webpage