Manage expectations

Tell users what the service can and cannot offer them. Be clear about the terms of the contract managing the relationship between you as a service provider and your customers.

Further description

Provide transparency to help users manage their own expectations

It will build trust with users, a sense of safety and avoid any misunderstandings. 

Set boundaries between clients and workers

Set ground rules for the relationship between your staff and the people they work with and their families. All rules should be laid out clearly and the main ones should appear in the contract managing the relationship with clients. 

Co-design with clients the contract managing your relationship with them

Both parties are affected by the terms of this contract and therefore should be aware and involved in designing it. 

State how long your service is designed to help young people for 

Avoid people developing dependency on services that are not designed for long-term use.

Explicitly mention if your service is monitored

Stating the terms of your service will help young people decide if your service is right for them.


Share your patterns

We’re constantly on the look out for new patterns. If you have a service/product which you think could be used as a new pattern, we’d love to hear about it.